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Founding Brothers

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The Goat

  by John Roberts

I cannot believe that you all are going to have to rely upon me to be the historian...I get my kids names wrong half the time.

The Goat. There is a set of caves on the North Anna River (just east of Route # 1 bridge) that had a goat living there. I have forgotten who found the goat, but occasionally, if the imbibing was extensive enough, a trip would be planned in search of the proverbial goat. To prove this, I have a picture.(somewhere)..this is going to be painful for some...of Vaughn, Thomas, Larson, Dickerson and yes, Al Segal (you are out in front. Al) stark naked posing in front of the caves on gentle cascading water riffles in man-like poses with weenies wafting in the wind.

The GoatOne of the pledge classes, probably '65, was told, as part of their scavenger hunt, to bring back the North Anna goat. Because there were so many very great and buddingly great minds present in that class, innovation borrowed the goat from some farmer and the goat was brought back to the house...dutifully by the pledges. No one said you guys couldn't follow instruction.

By the way, I think the goat caves were discovered when Miller and Thomas were collecting lamprey eels during their spawning run..the ones that were kept alive in the AEII bathtub!! that Miller could do cruel and obscene experiments on them. ALL THIS IS TOO WIERD TO BE MADE UP.

I think Gallagher may have had something to do with the pledge scavenger hunt..Dan, I miss the Batcar picture and the picture of you being carried on your throne (by the pledges) down to main street Ashland to run I said, too weird to be made up.

Who says college isn't there for higher learning?

Hanging with Mr. Rashkind

  by Joe Ingram

On learning of ABR's recently being named to Chair the RMC Board of Trustees Joe Ingram had this memory to share:pring afternoon in the old AEPi house, top floor room that ABR and I shared…the beads of perspiration were gathering on our brows. Studying I believe for exams. The Ashland flies activated by the sun shining through the window were buzzing and we were trying to concentrate. Al was particularly bothered by the flies that day, and kept waving his clip board around his head, his right leg and foot rising as a counter balance in his dance of annoyance. The sheet of paper that held his meticulous notes written with his distinctive hand, printed with the usual arrows, boxes, and lines, showing the flow of some chronology of historical events, philosophical line of reasoning or what ever…flapped a bit on the board as he waved it at the intruders. The pop of a scratch on the vinyl record playing “Monday….Monday” in the room next door, I watched the condensation gather and run down the side of a tall ice water glass and onto the desk blotter pad….when his eyes met those of a very large fuzzy legged fly who had landed on the window pane just above and to the right of his chair. I reached for the wire handle of the swatter lying just behind me and before I could move up from my chair, I saw Al rise in one powerful and smooth arcing motion of his clip board connect with the pane of glass, fly caught in a deadly sandwich between board and glass, and in that moment of calculated fury, the shards of glass flew into the air away from the window and sounded on the porch roof and sidewalk as they landed below. Silence…….“There ……”, Al said and returned into his chair.

At that moment I knew that my roommate was indeed destined to accomplish greatness.

Congratulations ABR !!!
Tunes ~ what are you doing?

Guest: "Where is the wife?"

Buster: “If the picture was of a brother I knew, there would be less beer in the bottle...."

Jack the Younger: “I think I know, but I don't want to spoil the speculation. It has something to do with GS."

Al: “Breasts!"

Bill: “uh wrong type of beer!"

Sugarbush: “Tunes is not drinking Guinness."

Guest: “I'm not sure we can reach that conclusion, Bruce. That certainly appears to be a Heineken, so are we absolutely sure that's Tunes?"
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